How Do I Find the Time?



Why is it that there never seem to be enough hours in a day?

Never enough hours for… errands, laundry, cleaning, cooking, maintaining relationships, sending emails, paying bills, meal planning, church activities. There is always more that screams for our attention. 

Here’s the thing. We all have the same number of hours at our disposal.

The question is…how are we spending the time we have? It’s funny how we all seem to make time to spend hours on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube most days. And it may seem like we are just checking it for a couple of minutes, but those minutes can turn into hours very quickly. Why do we spend more time on mindless things than we do on edifying things? Maybe it’s because we are plain lazy, but perhaps we have forgotten that there are a myriad of other activities that could fill our time.

This is a challenge for myself more than it is for any of you. What could we accomplish if we used our time better? How much more productive could we be? How much more could we learn? And how much more could we know our Creator?

Prayer has been a struggle for me lately, so I made a small change that has really helped. I have a 22 minute commute to work, and instead of listening to the radio or an audiobook as I usually do, I have been taking that time to pray. I have found that I arrive for work much more refreshed, at peace and ready to take on my workday. What practical changes could you make to help you use your time better?

Let us be careful not to fill up the hours with things that do not have lasting eternal value, and that do not satisfy. Let us fill in the spaces of time with moments of prayer and dwelling on sacred things, and to refuse to be pulled back and forth by the demands of this fleeting life. Let us live purposefully, and yet not condemn ourselves for our failing and squandering of the gift of time. Let as ask for God’s forgiveness when we fall, and then continue to walk forward with wisdom.

Look carefully then how your walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.” Ephesians 5:15-16


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